by Kip Grey

Cacophonous Hooey

PirateNinja, who graffitized my house not too long ago, and is filled with his own special brand of humor, heard my cry for scripts to the above comic, and I now present his words in all their glory:

Woman: Excuse me sir, dost thou haveth any mustard?
Man: I don't got no use for no stinkin mustard, gringo.

Woman: Perhaps I can use my sexual wiles to convince you that mustard is a useful condiment.
Man: I combat that with my finger! Take that, condiment user!

Woman: Cherubic angel pose always wins!
Man: Damn you! Now I suppose I must buy mustard. Perhaps I may treat you to dinner of mustard?

My good friend Joe was also kind enough to offer a script of his own.

Woman: Excuse me, sir. Perchance do you know of a place where a woman such as myself could get a meal of decent decency?
Man: Eh? You dare ask me such a question, when it is known the world over I am the incredible Uneating Man!?!

Woman: Oh dearest me. I did not recognize you out of costume. How silly of me to not notice your large nose, which has become a universal symbol for the Uneating Man. And Jean-Luc. Only his is bigger.
Man: How dare you compare me to that short, chubby, man! How dare I say how dare! Everybody knows he got a nose implant.

Woman: Ah, but that is not true. I think you are just covering up for the fact that you are shamed by his larger nose.
Man: You are right, woman. I feel horrible now. I must go eat.

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